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Wheel Building

Custom Wheel building

Wheels drive the ride experience. Wheel hubs glide on round bearings, providing a great deal of roll or not. Hand-built wheels stand the test of time in staying true! Combine these two with a careful selection of hubs, rims, and spokes to fit your bike needs will afford you the best in a ride for many years to come. Please take advantage of our experience and knowledge to outfit your bike with custom wheels!


Forces exert a great deal of energy on your wheels-rims and spokes specifically. Almost all bike wheels come from a factory, manufacturing wheels by assembly line. While these wheels vary in quality, often they do not have proper spoke tensioning, and with regular riding, they often will bow out or become “warped” to the point they rub on brakes and impede the rider’s efforts. Time to bring the wheel in for an expert hand to bring that wheel into line. WE check the lateral true or side to side true. We also check for the dish, how to center the rim is in relationship to the hub and sits evenly within the fork or frame. We also look at the roundness true. If you’re not sure about a wheel’s “trueness,” bring it by, and we can put an expert eye on it for you. Truing is offered at a 30% discount when having your bike tuned up.

Wood Rims

Ghisallo Wood Rim Factory, near Belaggio, Italy, has been building wood-rimmed wheels for 98 years. They build rims for all types of bikes, from 20” fold-up bikes to carbon-framed sport bicycles. Slovenian Beech comprises the wood used in a laminated process that applies over 20 tons of pressure to the wood. Seem-less, true, and sturdy, these wheels will provide an amazingly comfortable ride and last for years! Stop in, and we’d be glad to chat about this option. The owner Matthew has toured the factory and would be happy to regale you with the details! We do have samples built into a bike in the shop. We can order wheels, rims, and other bike parts- handlebars, fenders, and pedals from Ghisallo Wood Rim Factory for you.

Re-spoked Wheels

Riders experience broken spokes from time to time. We can re-spoke the wheel as needed. Often we recommend moving to a hand-built wheel with 40 spokes instead of the usual 28, 32, or 36 spoked wheels. Sidewalks work the rims and spokes very hard, as well as other rough riding surfaces, so don’t be surprised if you pop a spoke.  We recommend options depending upon the condition of the wheel, so be sure to bring your wheel by for an inspection.

Dynamo Hubs

Do you commute regularly? Dynamo hubs provide a steady supply of electricity to power lights and other USB devices as your ride. Wrench & Roll specializes in dynamo wheel builds and related accessories. A dynamo hub provides a very eco-friendly option to avoid dumping batteries into landfills. Dynamo hubs typically last 25-50,000 miles, so once you get a dynamo, you are mostly good for life! Accessories include rear lights that can also mimic stoplights. We carry Busch & Muller, German-made lights, and accessories. B&M manufactures top-quality items. You won’t be disappointed. We do have pricing sheets available with lots of options to fit your needs and budget.

Fat Tire

Fat tire bikes require their own special needs. We carry tubes, tires and can provide both tubeless and tube relief for fat tire wheels. Fat tire compounds exploded with research and design early on in the fat tire existence. Needless to say, fat tires have come a long way in their composition and tread design to fit your need. Stop by with your fat tire bike ideas and questions, and we would be glad to help you out!

Preferred wheel Parts:

  1. Wheelsmith and Sapim spokes and nipples

  2. Schmidt/Son, Shimano & Panasonic Dynamo Hubs (USB adaption available)

  3. Busch Mueller Lighting (German Made)

Each wheel comes with a lifetime truing service warranty.

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