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Our goal is to analyze each rider's unique situation and needs in order to improve their ride experience. The most important thing to consider getting your bike properly fitted.  Is frame proper size, do the components contribute to comfort and performance, then make modifications based on analysis

Proper sizing is most important


A bicycle should fit the rider. Most pain caused by bike riding stems from fitting issues. WRC can do a simple three-point fitting that will put you on the right track to enjoy your ride. It starts with making sure the frame fits you. While most often people use height to select a bike, WRC relies on actual inseam and stand-over measurements to size up a person for a bike. Bicycles vary greatly in design features that can make or break a rider’s comfort. Bicycles should be chosen by purpose as well. The seat positioning can add performance and cut down on effort as well as the handlebar alignment. Consider a fitting to figure out if your ride experience can go to a new level for you.


The most helpful way to upgrade your ride is to consider upgrading wheels. Unfortunately, most bike owners never get their hubs overhauled and consequently the inner parts can easily get damaged adding drag to your ride. Other upgrades include improved shifting engineering. The derailleur, shifters, and cassettes can add smoothness, better options for hill climbing, and durability to your bike. Other upgrades include additions such as Cirrus Cycles Kinekt suspension stems and seat posts. Options that really take away the road vibration and add comfort. Tires can make a huge difference on ride experience. Stop in for a consult on how your ride experience can swing to the better for you!


Balancing the weight of the body between your hands and your lower torso starts with a proper fitting. WRC provides a relatively painless fitting as a service anyone can take advantage of by making an appointment. While the seat is more a focal point, the handlebars may significantly increase your riding enjoyment by properly distributing the weight throughout the bike. Any handlebar can be adjusted with risers, varying handlebar options, and stems. Bicycles should not hurt! If your bike riding causes pain, come on in and set up a fitting or get some advice on how your handlebars may be affecting your ride experience.

Fenders Racks & Seats

Accessorizing your ride usually includes one or more of the three-racks, fenders, or seats. Racks provide function and utility to your ride. Rear racks carry from 40 to 110 lbs of weight. The weight management is in the struts that each rack utilizes. Pet carriers, grocery bag side baskets, panniers, and rack bags complement a variety of needs. Fenders are not just for rainy weather, but keep a variety of road debris from kicking up onto you or your bike. Consider this option to provide you with more options for when you choose to ride.


Seats remain a rather personal touch. We recommend that you first get a sizing. This means figuring out how wide your seat bones measure and choosing a seat according to whether it will be super comfy or performance oriented. Stop in and we can get you measured and make recommendations on a seat that fits your needs.



Dynamo hubs reside on the front wheel of the bike. Internal magneto workings in the hub generate 6 watts of electricity while the wheel turns. Dynamo hubs are rated on drag, reliability, steadiness of the light beam, and longevity. Hubs can be retrofitted to a current rim/wheel assembly, or can be assembled with all new parts-rim, spokes, and hub. The key for dynamo hubs stems from its reliable lighting in any situation and its ecofriendly approach. No worries about batteries, recharging the lights, and what might end up in a landfill.

Conversion & Restoration

Looking at your bike hanging in the garage and wondering if you should fix it up or just buy a new one? Good question! While many bike parts from days gone by may not be replaceable with original equipment, there usually is a contemporary equivalent. If the bike frame fits you well, bring it in for an assessment. If you bought a bike that does not fit well, it would be best to consider a new bicycle that is fitted properly to you and your riding habits. We restore bikes from across the spectrum. Often, the finished product brings many hours and miles of enjoyable riding. Getting a bike running usually costs much less than new bikes, so consider this option and bring your bike by for an estimate.

* Cirrus Cycles Kinekt Suspension Stem


Introducing the Revolutionary Stem that is designed to reduce arm, wrist, and shoulder discomfort.


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