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Where to go?

New Bike Experience


Many great destinations to experience around La Crosse. Check out these links for maps and routes.


Top 5 accessories to improve your bike experience


  1. Water Bottle  Cage

  2. Bike Lock

  3. Lights & Reflectors

  4. Rack & Bags​

  5. Padded gloves

Other items to consider:

  • Bells

  • Handlebar Computer

  • Flat-fixing tools

  • Spare Tube

  • Floor or Hand air pumps

  • Padded Bike Shortsd

  • Multi-tool

Bike Care


Preserve your investment

  • Maintain Tire pressure (as specified on the tire)

  • Lubricate Chain every 2 weeks (wipe off excess lubricant)

  • Learn how to remove front Wheel

  • Clean the bike often, avoid any pressurized water.

  • Always store the bike with full tire pressure.

Bike Security


Protecting your investment

  • Spend close to 20% of the bike cost for your locking equipment.

  • Practice the 3 R's- Record, Register, and report .

  • Your lock security rating goes along with how long you plan to leave your bike and where.

  • The longer the bike is parked or more dangerous a place to lock your bike the higher the lock rating needs to be.

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